Selected works from Marc Corbiau

Mark presented some architectural inspiration yesterday so I thought I’d continue this trend today as we visit the wonderful work of Marc Corbiau and his architect firm who are responsible for these creations seen here before us. Within this selection of seven photos we have three exterior and four interior looks with each harnessing a clean cut minimal aesthetic within an open plan and spacious environment. For me the combination of texture and colour found in these apartments is on a level of sheer mastery, everything compliments it’s neighbouring surface and pattern, the attention to detail is meticulous.

I think the greatest task for any architect who is driven by a want of reducing the unnecessary is making a space feel lived in and homely, as it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating a scene that is too clinical. Marc however consciously adds some slight dashes of colour to the palette which really does help to transform this space into something rather special, I think a lot of us could happily call this residence our home.

Another notable idea which I’m fond of in his works is how well he blends each home with it’s environment, the greys of the concrete above are quite bold and harsh on the eye, yet when they are set against the empty trees and the open sky it really does feel cohesive. What we have here has a certain fluidity in it’s design, which is present in all design that gets us excited here on the site. It feels natural, considered, refined and refreshing to view, so with this in mind I’d urge you all over to Marc’s webpage where you can see more creations by him and his team.


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