Engagement With Pattern – A Selection of Textiles by British Creative Laura Slater

For all the fantastic art that’s out there at the moment it always amazes me how little of it actually finds its way in to our everyday environment. It’s fine and dandy admiring art through a screen, but for it to have an actual effect on you there’s nothing better than living near or around these patterns/colours and soaking them in on a daily basis.

Laura Slater is a talented artist and designer who works from her studio and print shop in West Yorkshire, UK. Her goal is to design objects for the every day that are informed by an interaction of colour and shape. One thing that appealed to me personally is how close Laura is to the printing process and how craftsmanship is so key to how her finished designs turn out. You can really see this in the works here as they have a kind of warmth and originality that’s not often seen in this kind of interior design.

It’s no surprise that Laura has been making some waves in the commercial world with her artistic but contemporary patterns. Working with the Ikea, Harvey Nichols, Tate, and many more, showing that it’s possible to share this type of creativity through more commercial projects, inspiring a new audience and attracting them to better living scenarios. Here are some of my favourite designs from Laura’s website, more of which can be found on the link below. Laura Slater is a real talent and I can’t wait to see her works in more living spaces. Enjoy.



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