Truth in Material – Hand Woven Textile Works by LRNCE

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the actual origins of a piece of work. Especially in contemporary design where things are always stripped back. Taking a recent trip to the home and studio of famed British sculptor Henry Moore showed me the value in seeing culture in an object. Viewing his collection of primitive figurines and masks made me think about a simpler time where basic tools were used to bring an idea or image to fruition. There’s a kind of power in these objects that you instantly associate with as there’s a human connection in them.

I was fascinated seeing the work of LRNCE, a Marrakesh based company founded in 2013 by Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert who has producing a number of works for the home. Sourcing all of their production in North Africa they’ve been able to keep this beautiful aesthetic and consistency that they should be very proud of. You can see a number of influences in their work, but the foundation is the location in which they are craft and this is what makes the work distinct.

Unique ceramics, furniture, and even a clothing line has arisen from this project. A stand out for me are the framed works and textiles that are hand-embroidered and feature unique, raised shapes that are bold and would certainly stand out in any room. They have to be seen for yourself so I reccomend heading over to the LRNCE webpage for more. You won’t be disappointed and something might even peak your interest. We need to support more small businesses like this.