Between Object & User – Zuperfici Collection by Duccio Maria Gambi

Walking around a demolition site doesn’t exactly conjure up thoughts of creativity. Seeing vast heaps of rubble, shards of broken glass and all the other products of destruction it feels as though there’s almost nothing of value in such a space. Or at least those not open minded enough to think so. This collection by Atelier Duccio Maria Gambi flips our head on this thinking and showcases what a brave, creative mind can do.

Duccio Maria Gambi travelled Europe, gaining experience, and learning new skills along the way. From Paris and Milan, all the way to Rotterdam he practiced his craftsmanship and studied the theory of interior design. He’s certainly learned a lot from his travels. Currently based in his hometown Florence, he recently created the Zuperfici collection, which is a sublime effort to find functionality in seemingly ordinary building materials. It’s almost as if he walked around a demolition site and picked up pieces of chipped off stone he thought to be promising. Then, chiseling it, layer by layer he found a perfect shape and form for the object. He gives even a softer touch to his work by using plastic laminates on the surface. His vases for example look as though they’ve been found amongst the ruins at an archeological digging site. Not that it’s a bad thing. Quite on the contrary. Seeing a Piece Lily, a delicate plant, grow out of something as crude, yet remarkably beautiful as a piece of Luserna stone is a contradiction that sparks amazement.

Duccio Maria Gambi, shows us, through his work, how almost nothing in this world should be thrown away. Everything can be made beautiful and everything can be made to function in some way. All we need to make it happen is dedication, skill and creativity. Perhaps creativity above all else.


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