The Boundary of Form – Suple by Chilean Design & Architecture Studio Gt2P

It’s not that often that I struggle to categorise a project. Usually they fall in to either design or art, but this particular project by Chilean Design Studio Gt2P was especially hard to distinguish as it falls between functional design, a sculptural aesthetic, and a piece of furniture. So you can imagine the different levels to this project without even seeing the photos.

Gt2P, aka Great Things to People (which by the way is an amazing name), is based in Santiago, Chile and works on projects relating to architecture and in the art and design fields. This particular series named ‘Suple’ covers all three in a sense, titled after a slang term in traditional Chilean construction that refers to an element that connects, or performs a specific task, in an improvised and flexible manner. Not a fixed joint, but a workaround, or patch. It reminded them of a question asked by the legendary designer Jean Prouvé: where does the hand end and the thumb begin?

So Gt2P set on trying to connect correlating parts to establish a link and seek geometric continuity among 3 or more elements. My word what a final piece they have created with its undulating curvature and striking openings! The natural wood also relates to nature itself, a nice touch and certainly gives this piece a sense of warmth that it otherwise wouldn’t have. Maybe this is not a project that you can cookie-cutter out and mass-produce, although you could take cues from the design itself, this piece is more of a beautiful one-off that shows the route of experimentation to more functional works of design. View more from Studio Gt2P via the link below. They are super talented!


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