Authentic Aesthetics – Figura Lighting by Julia & Niklas Jessen of Schneid

Light is a crucial element that’s often overlooked in a home or architectural space. It’s a shame because we’re often missing out on many of the creative designs fabricated by talented craftsmen. Not only can light enhance the interior, the beautiful designs of lamps and chandeliers will create an even more impressive atmosphere.

Based in Lübeck, Germany, Schneid studio specialises in experimenting with light and lighting fixtures to create a unique atmosphere. Founded by Niklas and Julia Jessen who both find inspiration in an old shipyard where their studio is currently located. This industrial influence is perfectly captured in their latest Figura Lighting collection. It’s a fantastic combination of tradition and innovation, with an authentic industrial aesthetic and yet with a slick minimalist feel to it. The designs come in three different shapes, all of which shine a different kind of light on the interior. With an outer matte red or green coloring, these lamps exude timelessness.

When I first came across these designs, the first thought that came to mind was: “this will endure.” Every one of the three versions can be used as a sole light source, or in combination with others and that alone speaks of the care taken in creating them. Best used as lighting over kitchen counters bars or offices, Figura Lighting will provide a sense of harmony with the pleasant light it emits.

There is never enough craftsmen with respect for classical design structure. Many of them either show us something seen a thousand times before, or something lacking a story, an identity. Niklas and Julia, along with their team possess the right amount of creativity and sense of tradition, which is, once it’s brought to its synthesis, a product whose roots are clearly visible, but whose branches are decorated with fruit never before seen.


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