Fantastical Abstraction – Dust & Nana Lure by Pelle Designs

It’s only natural that after seeing so many forms you start to search for ones that are more striking or at least challenge you visually. The real work starts when you try to incorporate this in to an environment and use these objects as a trial for future ideas and concepts that can be built upon.

Pelle Designs, founded in 2011 by Jean and Oliver Pelle, was started with the goal of exploring artistic expression mixed with architectural integrity to produce new works in the fields of lighting, furniture, and object design. These two new projects titled ‘Dust’ and ‘Nana Lure’ combine realism and fantastical abstraction to bring certain physical representations in to a selection of functional forms. Such a neat idea!

‘Dust’ is a kinetic lighting installation composed of reflective shards that mixes fragmented shapes and the transitory moment of a breaking mirror. Suspended in the air, this sculpture mimics the effect of moving and twinkling dust particles carried in the air. ‘Nana Lure’ on the other hand is a natural shade that can suspend or stand on its own. Inspired by the banana leaf, this piece was created in collaboration with A. Jason Ross of Artemas Quibble to showcase how you could bring a sense of sculpture in to an open space.

These pieces might be larger in size but it would be great to see how these work at different scales and where you can develop from here. I really admire Pelle’s bravery and urge them to push forward in this regard. You can see more of their work on the Pelle portfolio linked below.


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