Furniture & Objects Reimagined – Aldo Bakker’s Design for Karakter

Every so often you come across a designer who has a distinct style and Aldo Bakker is one of those. He’s a designer who searches for timeless form in his work but at same time approaches them from a unique angle. His goal is not to solve a practical problem as such, instead he starts with the sculptural qualities of the object and whether these unique forms can be adapted in to something functional. Switching his thinking like this has led to some beautiful sculptural works that I really admire.

In his bio it talks a little about how Cézanne and Brancusi distill something down to their geometrical essence. Baker tries to do the same with his own design, deconstructing and reconstructing in the building stages, leading to a one of a kind object or piece of furniture. Interestingly this quirkiness is pass on to the user, making the human perform everyday tasks with renewed attention and concentration.

Personally I’ve never thought about the design process in such a way, which is why I like researching different creatives and their concepts. These little gems can pop out of nowhere and can really inspire your work in a second. Here are a few pieces he has recently designed for Karakter in Copenhagen, they are quite incredible. Enjoy.

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