Selection of Work by Henning Larsen Architects

I’ve been sniffing around the webpages of the major architectural awards today as I wanted to turn to a real leader in the field for our next post on this topic. My internet travels landed me in Copenhagen with the inspiring body of work from Henning Larsen Architects who were founded back in 1959 by the man himself. Today this collective is responsible for over 160 employees worldwide and last year they took charge of projects in more that 20 separate countries which is something very few companies can claim, so market leader is an appropriate title in my eyes.

Obviously such a coveted Architect firm like Henning Larsen has had ample coverage over the years so I’ve opted to collect together a selection of their work opposed to a single project that will have been covered previously. You could say these shots are a little out of context at a first glance but I’ve intentionally looked to pick out each for either their use of space or mastery of form respectively. In terms of considering shape and construction I think these images have a lot to offer collectively, the way they create subtle detail with the long elegant lines here is superb.

It always makes me smile when you connect these creatives to one another, as I was reading over the background of Henning Larsen it was warming to learn that he worked for another legendary Scandinavian designer we are fond of here – Arne Jacobsen. I couldn’t tell you how much of an influence Arne has had on Henning’s work but you can definitely see similarities in the sleek lines of both their designs.

In terms of inspiration I’ve not come across too many other webpages that offer up such an expansive array of architectural projects documented so well. What I really enjoyed was the fact they showcase future builds through plans on their website, something you don’t see all that often. I’d certainly urge young designers/architects towards their webpage if they’ve not visited this before, their archive definitely got me thinking about how I look at the form of a building, so hopefully it does the same for you.

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  • Gerard McGuickin

    Checked out the website and what a fantastic body of work. I particularly love the Wave shown above. A very iconic looking building.

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