Vitra FICTION “Remind Me” by Florian Böhm

Vitra recently released this short film directed by Florian Böhm and is titled “Remind Me”. It’s the first from a series of videos named “Fiction” which looks to tell domestic stories that could have happened to any of us. It shows how these much prized pieces of furniture either drives an action forward by being involved in a humans everyday life, or how they just sit back camouflaged and become part of the ever evolving scene. The video itself is nicely produced and showcases some stunning pieces of furniture, a highlight for me being the Eames chairs, which always look delicious, and the HAL chair designed by Jasper Morrison, seen in the above image, one I might discuss another day in further detail.

On a broader note, my interest in the way that everyday design touches on our life has really played a massive part in my ideology as of late. I’m not sure why or how it started but my appreciation for the smaller things in the world has really come to an all time high, I love simplicity in forms and I treat design more and more architectural every day. In my eyes it all links together, appreciation can be found in all sorts of objects whether it be cutlery, ceramics or even stationary. I guess what it all comes down to is how it enhances our life and functions as an extension of ourselves, the series documents this in a lot of ways and discusses what role they can play.

Obviously this isn’t complete yet as a series so I can’t really comment on the whole piece but I think what we have here gives me hope for what the other films will bring. Vitra doesn’t usually go wrong so it’s hard to see how this could be anything but superb. Watch on below and make sure you head over to the Fiction section of the Vitra website to find out more about the concept. For further reading I would recommend also checking out the Domus blog since they interviewed both the photographer Florian Böhm and the set designer Paolo Bonfini, an interesting conversation to say the least.


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