Short Film on Karen & Christian Boros

We return to a collective that we’re quite fond of today in Freunde von Freunden and their latest short film with German creative couple Karen and Christian Boros who collect art and house it in their living space. As I explained in today’s earlier post, architecture has played more of a prominent role in sourcing inspiration for me recently with the work of Freunden consistently consuming my urge in recent months for a little considered construction. So bringing this film across today was a no brainer really.

The piece below provides a little bit of an insight into the selection process the couple undertake as managers and art collectors, explaining the need for a personal connection to each, a reminder of a distant vacation for example or a period of time in their lives they want to revisit daily. It’s not a conventional way of living but it’s one thats a refreshing change. I think Karen and Christian are a reminder of the importance of loving what you do, and therefore living and breathing it in almost every moment of your day.

My favourite section of this piece is actually the opening few moments where we see and hear of Christians awe struck feeling each time he returns to his building in Berlin. It’s great to hear how the couples lifestyle gives them such a continued enthusiasm for life, so watch on below and learn a little more about their story and how they live.

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  • dano

    That is absolutely beautiful. Really incredible living space – like a museum. dano

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