Studios Houses and Single-Family Homes by Peter Kunz Architecture


These studio houses and homes by Swiss Peter Kunz architects are absolutely superb, a fantastic mix of glass and concrete, with the stripped back white walls inside adding a unique contrast. All of these builds are light traps, designed with the big glass windows to really let the light penetrate the wide open spaces. But it’s also interesting to note the numerous shadows created by the dark concrete in the hallways and small areas of each build, giving each location a sense of character and mysteriousness. These must be brilliant to photograph at different times of the day.

The Summer Lake House and the Artist’s studio in Wolfikon are the two builds that I’m mainly talking about in regards to the concrete, but some of the family homes and villas designed by Peter Kunz also use this material for the main structural body. It’s something that one of my favourite architects Tadao Ando incorporates to great effect, unfortunately I’m sure it’s a technique that you need a big wad of cash for (something not everyone has). The pale and grey concrete that both architects use may not sound that appealing, but when you see the characterful graining and unique texture combined with the natural surrounding of the location, all elements are pulled together and the builds comes alive.

I also think we can bring it back to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, how things cannot exist without each other, seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent. This thinking of balance should be applied to all parts of design in my opinion, but it prevails especially in architecture and stands out in builds like these above and below. I hope you enjoy the photos of these exterior and interior spaces and will check out the other projects that Peter Kunz has to offer on their website.












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