Transparent House photographed by Tim Van de Velde

Talking upon architecture we quickly learnt that the best source for finding great photographs is the photographers themselves, opposed to the actual firms that create each project. This perhaps sounds a little obvious but when you’re constantly on the lookout for content you soon become wise to the fact that most firms present very small images of their work online. With their websites often over designed and not really fit for the purpose of highlighting the work they do create. So earlier today I was quite thankful that I stumbled upon Belgian based architectural photographer Tim Van de Velde.

He showcased this home which has some quite obvious ties to the late, great architect Mies van der Rohe, with the owner being a big admirer. In fact instantly we can see some quite obvious references to the Barcelona house that Mies completed way back in 1929 with the tall, sheet ceiling to floor glass and the accompanying shallow pool. Inside this theme continues with a concise structure of a sophisticated linear nature which is complimented with a “less is more” approach to furnishing, with clutter reduced and character emphasised. The property has been divided into two separate entireties with different functions given to each, the side closest to the pond has all the essentials for daily life with the recreational elements included on the corresponding side of the site. This might sound a little over pragmatic but I personally love the idea of having a home that has been structured around my practical needs, it simplifies everything for the owner focusing only on the necessary for that moment.

Dotted throughout the home is quite the collection of Mies furniture, reaffirming the owners admiration for the designer with the Chaise Lounge and Barcelona Chairs taking pride of place. This home is all the evidence you need to confirm the timeless nature of Mies van der Rohe’s style, it’s so easy to forget when viewing these images that he passed in 1969. Obviously tweaks have been made here and there by the architects, which I believe consists of Govaert and Vanhoutte’s firm who Tim has worked with quite a bit previously, however this isn’t referenced on his website so I could be wrong. If you enjoy what we have here I can really recommend heading across to the photographers portfolio as he’s undertaken quite an array of projects which I trust will inspire.


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