AnOther Interview Interior Designer Masamichi Katayama

I spotted this interesting interview with Tokyo-based interior designer Masamichi Katayama by Another Mag. Masamichi is well known for creating some of the most innovative retail environments, restaurants, cafes, and offices, amongst others. His work over at Japanese design firm Wonderwall, in which he is head of, is truly inspiring, if you flick through the companies website you will be ‘wowed’ from head to toe.

He has worked with Uniqlo, Colette, Nike, and has also done over 60 projects for A Bathing Ape. I really enjoyed the read, to compliment this post I accompanied some imagery from the Wonderwall site of a canteen in Japan that they fitted out.

What are the themes that you are trying to communicate through your design?

To me, the purpose of interior design is to interpret the client’s brand or corporate identity and their attributes through the space and the environment. I very much value the voice of the client and other people involved in that organisation; I do a lot of research and analysis and try to create a space that would project their strengths and a sensibility that they may not be able to capture in words. My aim is to design a communication conduit where one can sense and experience the client’s philosophy through the overall space. I don’t know if you can call it a philosophy, but I am a designer and not an artist so my role is about creating spaces that are an extension and an enhancement of what the client wishes to convey.

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