Artist Konrad Smolensk

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Polish artist Konrad Smolenski can for sure be called a multimedia artist: he works in many different areas of art and produces videos, audio works, objects, installations, performances, and music.

Having special predilection for exposing spectators to shocking traps and a tendency for extreme actions (he often uses flammable material, weapons, animal bones, or constructions tools), Konrad’s works avoid metaphor, rather they provoke.

The project “Watch it” (2004-2008) shows essentials of Smolenski’s ideas and his tendency to send brief but ambiguous messages: the sign “Watch it” is supposed to reveal something that is hidden from the viewer in normal conditions.

Many of Smolenski’s works combine radical means, a profound and subversive (self)irony, and a unique sensitivity that reflects the artist’s attentiveness to the world.

Found via sculptureculture.

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