Bombay Bicycle Club Music Video by Karim Huu Do

Seen as we use this space to share our inspirations it could seem a little odd to some of you that we rarely directly reference our musical tastes, so I thought I’d offer a little insight into this with this beautifully filmed music video from Karim Huu Do. This is actually an unofficial video for Bombay Bicycle Club’s track “Lights Out, Words Gone” but you really wouldn’t know it …

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La Mer de Pianos by Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier

It’s not often that both me and Daniel get to sit down and watch a creative video together in the office, usually we’re sitting on separate desks and are focused on our own work but since we’ve been on a late night slog working towards the opening of the shop tonight we were lucky to see a film that caught both of our attentions immediately. We even said it was the …

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Ida Walked Away

Takafumi Tsuhiya lives and works in Tokyo, he mainly makes single channel video art, live video performances, collaborated A/V performances, motion graphics and some prints. He integrates recorded…

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