Until Dark by Selbyville, Animated by Derek Kimball

This short animated film below was made by Derek Kimball for Selbyville, a band based in Portland, Maine. The video was produced to coincide with a track of their album “Plumpuddinger’s Voyage” titled “Until Dark”.

What grabbed my attention initially were the revolving tubes that you can see at the beginning and end of this piece. Once I was pulled in, the animation perfectly suited the music in a number of different ways, mainly because it was mysterious and eery.

You would of thought that this piece was mixed with real footage, but surprisingly it was all drawn and animated on the computer. The tones were another aspect that jumped out at me, very pure and bright.

Derek is known for doing some great work, as I’ve watched others on his portfolio page previously. But this piece resonated more than all the rest. I really like the whole natural feel, in touch with nature one might say.

I think you will enjoy this piece. Watch on below.



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