Bombay Bicycle Club Music Video by Karim Huu Do

Seen as we use this space to share our inspirations it could seem a little odd to some of you that we rarely directly reference our musical tastes, so I thought I’d offer a little insight into this with this beautifully filmed music video from Karim Huu Do. This is actually an unofficial video for Bombay Bicycle Club’s track “Lights Out, Words Gone” but you really wouldn’t know it, or at least I didn’t twig until I delved a little further into the videos description as it just fits the track like a glove.

Those of you noticing the preview image below and hoping to see something a little racy are going to be disappointed but for the fans of candidly put together short film we’re hosting a real treat. Much like that of the track, Karim has opted for a real feel good atmosphere as the two subjects make their way through a sight seeing day trip packed full of stunning scenery.

I think what impressed me most about this piece was how well Karim had matched the dreamy vivid feel of the music with his own imaginative shots and sliced edit. I think the hardest thing when creating a music video is being able to match the narrative of the music and balance the overall message that the visuals send out to the viewer. In my humble opinion Karim found a really seamless balance which could of quite easily been the official version, so after seeing this I’m eager to see what he puts out on the web next.


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