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If Ryan McGinness didn’t set out to change the art world, then he sure chose the wrong career path. He’s become a household name of art’s contemporary scene “who’s who”, and you’d be hard pressed to find a reputable gallery in which he hasn’t shown. Yet the American born artist adamantly denies the notion that he is the “modern day Warhol”. Easy to understand the many comparisons though, as Ryan once served as curatorial assistant for the Andy Warhol Museum. McGinness is best known for his sharp graphic sensibilities, a longing for universality to which he credits his modest upbringing:

“Well, I think it was because I couldn’t have the premium brands from the mainstream, so I wanted to create something for myself. I didn’t even look at it as a simulation of the mainstream; I was just trying to make something that could equal it.”

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The genius of McGinness becomes evident upon first gaze at his fearlessly colored works. His iconization of everyday objects, coupled with rounded shapes and seemingly endless swirls has become its own graphic language by which to communicate his vision of inclusion to the viewer.

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In his latest international collaboration open until April 8th 2010, Ryan has created a studio inspired by his New York space as an installation for Spain’s La Casa Encendida.

“Ryan’s studio which can be found in Espacio C, will not be an exact recreation of the artist’s studio but a new one created and inspired by certain guidelines of his original studio in New York. It will be in full operation during opening hours of the center and will be honored by the presence of the artist.”, says a museum rep.

One of his first works upon arriving in Spain? A simplified graphical take on Madrid’s coat of arms.

For more information about the artist visit his website:

For more information about his collaboration with La Casa Encendida visit their website at

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Interview with Peter Halley

Article Written By: Rebecca Russell