Illustrations by Leni Kauffman

Keeping things local, I’d like to introduce an English based illustrator named Leni Kauffman who is kind enough to share her lifestyle with the online world on a regular basis. Browsing through Leni’s porfolio I was really impressed with the detailing of her artworks, especially when combined with this wonderful subtle approach to colour.

The piece we have above was created in aid of London’s recent tweed run, which combined with the other works that we have here seems to give off an appreciation towards a traditional country lifestyle. You can’t go wrong with a good English tea room in my opinion, so Leni’s works are, for me personally, packed full of nostalgia.

I’m always on the lookout for quality lifestyle inspired illustrators, unfortunately looks like this can often be few and far between. Fortunately for us though, Leni’s portfolio is quite diverse and ever growing so if you enjoy these be sure to follow the link below to get a little inspired.


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