Beauty in the Mundane – Still Life Depicted by Italian Artist Alessandra Taccia

I’ve always been attracted to the beauty found in everyday life. It seems to be a core element that strings together many of my inspirations. For example, films that take in to consideration the silent moments and the poignant pauses that make our connections as humans so important intrigue me in many ways. Even in design and craft the whitespace is key, the elements that are unseen makes the whole complete. For this reason still life painting is also of interest, depicting everyday objects that are simple but remind us to stop and take note of the lesser appreciated moments in our life.

I wanted to bring over the work of Italian artist Alessandra Taccia who currently lives in Cambridge, England. Alessandra’s subjects tend to be still life, everyday objects that she breaks down to their necessary elements. Colour and shapes are experimented with using muted hues and tones that are drawn from natural and urban landscapes which give the paintings an earthy feel that, for me, represents the origins of all the things we revolve around.

What I personally like about the artwork are the quirky shapes that she experiments with, making the bowls slightly angular or with imperfections, which also translates to the paint itself and the style in which she paints with the brush. Leaving these little strokes here and there, which seem fairly accidental but purposeful at the same time, draw your attention to the details in the canvas and make you consider the theme of the painting. I’m a fan and I hope you will become one too, more can be seen here but also on her website linked below. Enjoy.