Creative Reel From Paolo Bischi

Creative Reel From Paolo Bischi image

First things first, Im not a big fan of these video reels, Ive seen far too many thrown together full of reims and reims of non conceptual projects, very bland and uninteresting to me. In fact my natural reaction to the word reel is a negative thought, perhaps this is something I will look to change. however, on my travels this morning I found this show reel from Paolo Bischi, some of you may recall some of his previous work we brought you in fact, and on revisiting his workings I was refreshed with Paolo’s energy and ideas that he brings to the table. Im particularly fond of how he uses the book and the beginning of the piece, its just something different and throughout the production the graphics and audio keep me involved and interested. Im not saying that this reel is any means perfect, but It breaks the mould of all these others ive become increasingly frustrated with in the fact they lacked that spark of creativity, this has that edgy unique feel about it, I like that underlying value alot. Head over to Paolo’s site to catch some more glimpses of the work he has been developing in twenty ten – link below.