Playing with Perception – Abstract Paintings by Finnish Artist Liisa Pesonen

I tend to think of art as something that flows, swaying from side to side, where design is far more rigid in nature and has less space for flexibility. Designers talents lie in the fact that they can bring together elements and can organise/manipulate words and pictures in way that communicates with us clearly. Logo designers are a talented in that regarding, using a few lines to depict not only meaning but also feeling in an icon. That’s what gave me the inspiration to explore the work of artist Liisa Personen, a Finnish artist who looks to pictorial elements as a visual motif to create a narrative in her work.

She starts with an empty space and likes to link various pictorial elements that often seem incompatible with each other, waiting for one to emerge that will define the canvas and that she can explore in more detail. This tension between the mark and the sign is her sole point of exploration and is something that I find very fascinating, especially as someone who has spent a lot of time working on the functional side of design. I personally think this idea of deconstruction and construction is an important process for any creative to go through, it not only improves your work it can also give you a clearer idea of your overall vision as a maker.

Liisa’s work is linked with perception, trying to blur how we see objects and the overall depiction of them. One technique she uses involves her trying to remember the silhouette first hand, slowly depicting it on the canvas while using different colours. Intriguing to say the least and I think it’s something worth exploring for yourself on her portfolio below. Maybe it will inspire you to approach your own work in a different manner. Enjoy.


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