Edward the Hamster

This is an amazing short animation made by Taylor Mckenzie and Miriam Elia. It’s for A Series of Psychotic Episodes, this one being called ‘Edward the Hamster’. It follows the journey of a pet animal, obviously a hamster, creating a strangely comical story along the way. Just think about this the next time you purchase a hamster at the pet store.

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  • Miriam Elia

    Hello! I made this. I trained as an artist, but I somehow ended up in comedy. Edward is a character I wrote on to my first radio series on BBC7- they asked me to illustrate him for their online multi-platform-thing.Taylor McKenzie animated my drawings very beautifully (as you can see).

    Anyway the next series is going to be on BBC Radio 4, but you can catch a re- run of the first series here;

    bye for now,

    Miriam Elia (Comedian/Artist MASTERMIND.)

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