Exploring Familiarity – Abstract Art by Michael Wall

There’s definitely still a space open for experimentation with materials that have potential but are not fully utilised. I suppose we can link all crafts to this kind of thinking. What starts out as earth or a material found in nature can become an object that isn’t representative of its original form. Art can also live in this realm, fabricating an idea through paint and elevating it, manifesting an opposite to what once was and bringing new life and meaning.

London-based artist Michael Wall has been experimenting with similar ideas in his more recent works. Using found boards or materials as his canvas he has applied his bold imagery to bring about the best in these “common” materials. Although a sense of brightness comes through thanks to his strong colour palette, there’s an interesting play between the forms depicted and how these are placed strategically to distract our eye. There’s certainly some kind of graphical training present in his work, maybe even inspiration from street artists.

Overall I just admire the sense of play in his work. It’s not too serious or excessive and Michael has no problem with experimenting with any material. It’s all about the creativity and expression. I think this is something we should all take note of and bring forward in to our own work. You never know where your next source of inspiration will come!