The Craft of Abstraction – Unique Silkscreen Prints by Jonathan Lawes

If you mention Silkscreen printing most people tend to have a commercial image in their mind. Usually it’s referenced only as a technique that’s being used for garment printing or mass production when it fact there are plenty of creative opportunities out there using this specific medium. Since I myself have experimented with silkscreen printing I thought British artist Jonathan Lawes explained the creativity and expression behind the process so well that I wanted to highlight his craft and story here in more detail.

Jonathan works form his studio in Peckham, south east London where he divides his time between working as an artist and designing for a variety of interior clients. His style mixes geometric shape with bright colour to create unique prints that have a distinct style. Although leaning on a clean, graphical style there’s still an organic twist thanks to the hand techniques used throughout the process.

What inspired me was Jonathan’s level of passion and how he’s not afraid to finish one design and push on to the next. In fact, this is what inspires him when he makes his work and I think this is something we should all strive for in any creative pursuit. Too many of us get caught up in the details rather than pushing forward to venture on to new things. I hope this video inspires you below and you explore Jonathan’s work in more detail via his website. He’s producing some stunning art.


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