Figures Become Patterns – Painting & Sculpture by Artist Gippeum Roh

Sometimes you come across an artist who you know is a sure-fire talent. I’m not trying to play down the effort that has gone in to these pieces, since I know the blood, sweat and tears that goes in to any creative endeavour, but some artists just have a unique eye and sensibility that’s sure to take them far in whatever field they apply themselves.

Gippeum Roh is a multitalented South Korean artist who spans the worlds of painting, ceramic, and sculpture. If you didn’t think it was possible to excel in just one field Gippeum has gone on and excelled in all of them, combining the three categories to create these staged scenes for us to sit, admire, and contemplate.

Roh’s first point of reference seems to be form. The sculptural elements have a similar curvature to that of the human body, with these sleek, stacked elements that appear to defy gravity and add an element of surrealism. The colour combinations play with the stoney clay used to craft the sculptures and the natural tones sitting behind in the paintings seem to be a surrealist commentary of what’s standing in front of us.

The scenes then are almost depictions of nature. A scene Gippeum pulled from her mind and brought forward for us to appreciate. Maybe there are some darker secrets hidden behind representing our waning appreciation for the shadows that make up everything.


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