Flags of the Himalayan Kingdom – Abstract Paintings by Ricardo Mazal


Abstract painting often gets a bad rap for its simplicity, people make the mistake that they could do something like this themselves, when actually the art of reduction is probably the hardest art form to master and usually comes a lot later in an artist’s career. I was drawn to these paintings by Mexican artist Ricardo Mazal, not only for the striking colours, but also because of the underlying meaning in these abstract paintings.

Exploring themes of life, death, transformation and regeneration, Ricard Mazal has composed this brilliant series that focuses on the prayer flags of the Himalayan kingdom. Similar flags are hung over mountaintops and across rivers in Bhutan, believed to be an expression of mental energies, activating the prayers and spreading blessings over land and sea to sentient beings all around the world. He’s used oil on linen to create a unique coverage on the painting, which seeps right in to the weave of the cloth. This creates a natural looking surface texture which links back to the subject that he’s trying to depict.

I added in a couple of pictures from the inside his studio in Santa Fe as well, I think these sum up his work in a lot of ways and showcase his art in the intended setting. He’s also created a few other series of work under a similar heading, so it might be worth going over to his website to view more. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.










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