Images in Wood – Marquetry by British Artist Chelsea Vivash

This interesting cross section between art and craft continues to fascinate me and is an area that I think is still lacking in exploration. It seems as though craftsmen value the traditional skills and approach the production phase much like an architect would, thinking heavily about form and structure. An artist on the other hand tends to stray outside of the box, breaking the rules and offering some insights in the process.

London-based artist Chelsea Vivash did exactly that, mixing marquetry with simple, abstract shapes to produce a series that’s visually appealing and skilled in terms of application. I also appreciate the juxtaposition of physical objects, such as vases and cups, balanced against vibrant dots of colour. Each has been crafted using a combination of carefully selected hand-dyed and natural wood veneer, cut and pressed by hand and finished with Beeswax polish.

This traditional marquetry has unfortunately fell out of fashion, but Chelsea has been able to renew this style with her own twist and create a stunning series. I hope other craftsmen will apply their skills in such an artistic way and bring forward new approaches to the field of design.

For more from Chelsea Vivash make sure you follow her Instagram page or her portfolio via the link below.