Layers in Nature – Graphic Works by French Artist Sylvain Rieu-Piquet

For some reason I have always admired the beauty of nature and the repeating patterns that can be found if we look at the details. Whether it be through the natural patterns that form on sand dunes thanks to the wind direction, or the beautiful patterns on the skin of animals, all of these come down to the physical laws of this planet. So when I saw the work of Parisian artist Rieu-Piquet it really inspired me to think deeply about our link with nature and what draws us to it as a source of inspiration.

Rieu-Piquet focuses on graphic work that in many ways depicts life. His goal is to reconnect with natural order and graphically translate this on to a material of his choice, usually canvas or paper. Although sometimes he uses more physical representations in his drawings, such as buds in bloom or roots of a plant, usually the embryonic state interests him the most. He meticulously tries to mimic these patterns on a small scale, repeating them again and again to create order and interest.

His passion and dedication is something to be admired and inspires me to continue with my own pursuit as a creator. I picked out a few images from his portfolio but more can be found on the link below. It looks like he is branching out and producing more sculptural forms, so it will be interesting to see what comes of this in the near future.


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