Handcrafted Art – Works Screen Printed on Canvas and Paper by Upton

Screen printing has always intrigued me since I think a lot of people often associate it with printing for commercial means, such as on clothing and other pieces of merchandise. I’ve always thought that you could be much more creative with it and link the element of craftsmanship that resides in this kind of printing with the art world and see what results can come from it.

A nice little brand that I came across a few months back just released their online shop and website, so I wanted to highlight their great work here as I think it’s relevant and inspiring to see. Upton is based in America and hand prints on canvas and paper through the method of screen printing. Their mission is to create contemporary art for the home, believing that everyone should have the means of being surrounded by beauty on a daily basis. Interestingly, their stand is that art galleries are intimidating, overpriced and boring, which I somewhat agree with, so they are looking to produce more affordable and approachable art that doesn’t sacrifice on quality.

While I was browsing their portfolio I also noticed they had been producing a number of metal sculptures that have been patinated and are being sold through their online shop. I thought these were beautiful so I added them to the bottom of this post as they give you an idea of the overall aesthetic. More like this can be found by clicking the link below, enjoy.



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