Not All Those Wander Are Lost – Vertical Configurations by Artist Jose Dávila

People often talk about artists being ‘lost souls’, those struggling to really find themselves in an uncertain world. Aren’t we all the same? At least artists have some form of output that gives them an identity, through their work they are able to channel and express themselves, even if troubled, in a productive manner.

This series by self-taught Mexican artist Jose Dávila inspired me a lot and made me think about this quite literally with his series “Not All Those Wander Are Lost”, a collection of sculptural forms that experiment with the notion of shooting upward vertically, also incorporating a mixture of materials to add contrast. In his description Jose talks about sculptor Constantin Brancusi and his exploration of this vertical form, linking them to Totem Poles and other shapes of such spiritual significance that give shape to a method of connecting Heaven and Earth. Certainly an interesting thought.

Here we can see Jose putting some of these ideas in to practice with his series showcased recently at the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid. Instead of making a cohesive, joined sculpture as such, Dávila has merged both organic, found objects and industrial materials, such as construction materials, linking them to fabricate sculptures that consider both minimalist and classic elements in art. Here I showcase some of my favourite images from this series, more like this can be found on his portfolio below. It’s certainly inspiring to look through.


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