Overstepping Boundaries – Works by Artist and Designer Senem Oezdogan

I’ve been thinking a lot about the different mindsets people have and how this affects the way in which they view art, or the way in which they create art. Someone who is quite spontaneous in nature tends to use many colours in a rapid way to express their emotions, going in and out of the lines, so to speak. Others, like myself, are far more functional and rational in our thinking and probably view things as architectural building blocks. If I’m honest I don’t prefer one style or the other, but I think finding a balance is always something that I’m personally searching for as a creative, so I was pleased to come across this work by Senem Oezdogan.

Senem Oezdogan is a Brooklyn-based mixed media artist who attempts to balance the functionality of an image with the aesthetic value that it can bring to the viewer. Interestingly, many of her works on paper are geometric and quite rigid, playing with colours inside defined shapes. On the other hand her works on canvas creep outside the confines and become more expressive and abstract in nature, both of these gathered my interest.

What I like about this is that you can see all the different inspirations coming in to play, from her background in Illustration and Communication Design, as well as seeing obvious references to the Bauhaus movement within her artworks. Senem has also mixed in different medias such as textiles on her portfolio. I’m a big fan and I hope you like her work too, more can be seen on her website linked below. Enjoy.



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