Furniture and Objects at Frank Landau

Floor lamp 3-arm by Serge Mouille, 1952.

Today I thought I’d wake up early to find some inspiration for a recent project that I’ve decided to take on, this involves both pottery and wood, it should interesting to see what comes out of it. Through general browsing I somehow stumbled across the Frank Landau website which is full of fantastic design objects, so I thought I’d collect up a mixture of work that instantly struck a chord with me and made me want to investigate the origins of each piece.

First up we’ve got some classics, Serge Mouille for example is someone that I’ve discussed on a fair few occasions, his lighting is always breathtaking and I can never get over the finish on the surface of his objects. They’re always beautiful and seem to get better with age, in the lighting department this is probably one of the first places I’d go. Moving on further down we’ve got some more sculptural objects like this tulipwood bowl vessel by Ed Moulthrop below, who’s credited as being the “father of modern woodturning” and his son and grandson now carry on the legacy. Interestingly enough Ed was also an accomplished architect and had quite a successful architectural career. Underneath that we have a Jasper Morrison chair which was the frist edition produced back in 1988. A nice piece with its varnished metal, armrests fitted with drink trays, and it also has the measurements written on each side of the chair (as a prototype model would). A nice touch which would definitely make this chair a talking piece.

Before I leave you I’m going to throw one more in for good will, the table lamp by Mitchell Bobrick made back in 1950, I think this is a fascinating object as he’s used a ceramic shade as a diffuser for the light coming off. This is pretty radical for the time and is very very modern, I’m sure it’s pretty functional as well considering most lamps today don’t do the job that well. I also like the idea of the ceramic shade creating different shadows on the wall, as you move it they change shape accordingly. A pretty cool idea if you ask me. Well I’ve picked out a few of my personal favourites but why not go across to the Frank Landau website to see what else they have to offer, they’ve got pieces from Finn Juhl, Wegner, Nakashima and many more. You won’t be disappointed.

Tulipwood Bowl Vessel by Ed Moulthrop, 1970.

Thinking Man’s Chair by Jasper Morrison, 1988. First edition from production.

Vase by Martin Schlotz, 2009. Ceramic white pottery.

Ulmer Stool by Max Bill, 1954. Made at HfG Ulm.

Table lamp by Mitchell Bobrick, 1950. Ceramic shade fiberglass diffuser.

Walnut Sculpture by Hendoc, 2000.


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