Radiating Colour – Paper Prints by American Artist Michael Delucia

American artist Michael Delucia’s art has a defining feature; abstracting form. His earlier artworks were more literal, covering a shopping trolley with tinsel or placing metal railings in to a formation in the street. But seeing the progression from these physical sculptures to ink on paper let my imagination fly as the colours ripple and give us a sense of something familiar, satisfying in aesthetic but still reaching in terms of the concept.

Delucia was born in Rochester and still continues to work from his studio in New York. His work from 2016 titled ‘fishbowl-4-views’ was what pulled me in initially, documenting this vessel from four sides using Cyanotype, a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. The deep indigo-like colour and the interesting take on such a familiar object was an intriguing one, one that set me on a path to explore more.

The ‘ink on paper’ series see’s a direct depiction of simple shapes, with cube-like forms taking precedent. As a creative who’s preoccupied with form, his ‘9-T-9’ set that includes a green, blue and red form printed using ink stood out to me. These are wonderfully architectural, with the gradation offering intrigue, pulling them off the page and making you want to examine them much closer.

I hope Delucia goes on to explore these further as there’s so many possible variations, especially considering the appeal they have as a series. Head on over to Michael’s webpage via the link below to view his portfolio in more detail.


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