Phone In Animations From Dustin Grella

I came across the talents of Animator Dustin Grella about a year back when the New York based creative produced a spine tingling project titled Prayers for Peace. Back then I sat in awe of what Dustin had created, and a part of me knew that we would be revisiting this captivating fellow in the future.

I’ve been aware of his latest project for a little while now and I’ve been a bit greedy keeping it to myself really, I’ve saved it for a rainy day, and today is that day. The animation hotline is an interactive phone service in which anyone can call in and leave a random message, which Dustin may select to visualize, creating one every day.

What a fantastic way of creating original works which hold such great human connection, I’ve got a real admiration for Dustin and this project, It must be highly challenging to visualise each call, the guys got a great imagination.

If you’ve got a spare minute and have something you think would be of use to Dustin to say, please do call in because I’m really enjoying these witty little videos, there a great lunchtime pickup. The number can be found bellow for those wishing to participate, if you haven’t viewed Prayers for Piece already I can’t recommend it enough.

To leave a message call…
Inside US: +1 212-683-2490
International (skype): animationhotline