Recreation Of Limitations From Kane Yeoseop Yoon

Kane Yeoseop brings us this pretty intense piece of production which he has titled the “Recreation Of Limitations”. The creator derived this project to elaborate on the idea of using spirit to overcome the limitations of the body. A great concept, in which is pretty hard to place in one box. I mean sure, this is concept driven, abstract and experimental, but beyond those general terms, I’ve never really seen anything like this.

Which is something to be celebrated of course, you all know we love to promote the idea of originality here and I think Kane is doing a fantastic job of creating content that engages his audience and provokes thought.

This piece is pretty self interpretive, I think each and every one of us would have different thoughts on what we had just seen if we were to write them down, and I think thats the beauty of it.

Be sure to check out more from Kane over on his personal page if you enjoy the visuals below.


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