Robert Green By Casper Balslev

Robert Green is the very first creative video that Casper Balslev ever created, it had very little coverage apart from a brief appearance on Danish television. Casper recently released it onto the net for us all to view, Its pretty light hearted and fun so I thought Id bring it across for us all to see. Working on his own was hard work, with Casper filming and editing alone he found himself losing 6 kilo’s in weight and having to process over eighteen thousand images. When speaking with me he told me he enjoyed the whole journey and the exercise kept him in the right mindset to continue on. The whole project took two weeks to shoot all the footage, filmed in various parts of Denmark the majority near an area in the north where Casper grew up. he loves the country, so two weeks of hiking, with a camera on his own, was a good time to collect his thoughts and concentrate on the direction he wanted to go in life.

“Usually I drove around, found an interesting view, a horizon, or some special sun lighting, then just went for a walk….with a focus point in the horizon, a tree, a tractor, etc. shooting a photo every four or five meters”

Casper was inspired by an old documentary, on the making of Return Of The Jedi, particularly how they created the speeder bike scene. They used a technique, in which they photographed sequences through the forrest as the bikes sped through. It was this sequence that first gave him the idea for Robert Green.

“Im happy with the result, but i always, felt the ending could have been a bit stronger, the band didn’t want to be featured in the video….. A friend of mine, a DoP, saw it recently, got excited, and had me post it online, a few days ago”

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