Set Of Handmade Collages From Javier Vázquez

While on a casual browse earlier I came across the creative talents of graphic design student Javier Vázquez and his beautifully crafted handmade collages. After doing a little digging I found myself slighting intrigued about the creator, wanting to find out more I reached out to the Argentine via email.

Javier explained to me that his passion for cut, paste and assembling both letters and images of all kinds developed from a very early age. As time has passed, the young creative now strives to provide “a bit more sense” to that work that he was doing almost intuitively, adding the use of new elements such as rules of compositions, directions, weight of the elements and grid of the layout.

While still using a strong mix of thoughts and feelings as the staple to his works, Javier has taken on board these new found rules approaching them as harnesses opposed to constraints. The young design student at the Buenos Aires University is clearly very passionate about his works, it’s both inspiring and exciting to see fresh talent recycling aged techniques and fabricating something new, original and eye-catching.

“I like working with magazines, especially vintage ones. I also like to use black and white photos, but what attracts me most is working with fonts of any kind (cut, drawn, Letraset). I also love old books/moleskines and I prefer to use them mixing pieces of cuttings, letters, photographs, textures and colors, to shape what is happening inside me at that moment. I try to express myself through all that mixing that I do”

“I really admire the work of movements as Dadaism and Russian Constructivism and the design work of Massin. Also I love the art of many other amateur collagists (like me!) around the world”

To see and hear more from Javier Vázquez I recommend heading over to his Flickr account which he regularly updates with his new works. He can also be found represented by the tremendous family, an online house for talented creatives.


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