The First By Dmitry Sobolev

Dmitry presents us this short animated film which is underpinned by the concept of being a leading pioneer in whatever our field of choice may be. Taking inspiration from perhaps one of the most bold innovators in recent times, Neil Armstrong. Using the history of the first man on the moon, Dmitry presents us with his perception of the Americans first leaps into the unknown.

The Moscow based creative hasn’t been on my radar too much before so the opportunity to showcase someone fresh with new and inspiring ideas was an easy one to take. I like the approach that Dmitry has taken with this project, crafting quite an aged feel into the project which given that Mr Armstrong landed there in 1969 is actually quite fitting.

The piece is a little dreamy and vivid, which I love, it really caught my imagination and got me thinking, what is the most impressive thing that man has done?, and who was the first to do it?. I’m always on the look out for projects which will feed my imagination, I really hope this satisfies the appetite of yours.


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