Simple Yet Profound – Artworks by Bryan David Griffith

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 1

Sometimes the simple, often overlooked techniques go a long way in to producing authentic works with timeless appeal. Bryan David Griffith explores painting, photography, sculpture and installation work from his base in Arizona. It all comes together to create this fantastic collection of work that’s simple yet profound.

After building a successful career with an international management consulting firm, Byan found his job unfulfilling and was troubled by the environmental impact of his clients. In order to pursue his passion full-time he adopted a simple nomadic life, travelling the different states photographing different environments. This experience led to a personal connection with America’s public lands and has seen him focus on our environmental impact as a species on this planet.

His first series “Listen to the Wild” was a trigger for many of the groupings that followed. By capturing immersive experiences in the wilderness he found that he was able to spark the imagination of onlookers. Bringing it in to focus.

Bryan has since moved on to more contemporary art projects that include painting and sculpture. One that stood out to me, and features quite heavily here in picture form, is ‘Rethinking Fire’ that explores that idea that dualities are not separate but rather part of the same continuous cycle. That one can’t exist without the other. This involves burning wood and using charred pieces or the hot smoke to mark the canvas. A very intriguing process.

I like the mystery behind David Griffith’s work, which somehow pairs perfectly with the magic of nature. He draws the viewer in and asks them to complete it. Rather than providing solutions he is asking questions of the world and why things are the way they are. In his own subtle way making his voice heard and spreading the value of our environment to the rest of the world.

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 2

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 3

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 4

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 5

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 6

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 7

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 8

Artworks by Bryan David Griffith 9


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