Surreal Looks From Michael Vincent Manalo

Creative photographer originating from the Philippines Michael Vincent Manalo brings us these surreal looking digital creations which are vivid and imaginative throughout the set. Michael is a photographer which ties strong precedence on the importance of imagination as a photographer and say of this “I always try my best to forge images that come from the deepest roots of my imagination”. In the modern age which is so competitive with the advances of technology a vivid mind can be the only separation between being noticed and being lost amongst the many waves of people trying to achieve the same dream. Michael shows here not only an impressive amount of post production skill level, but also the ability to trust in his own ideas and craft something which makes his workings stand alone, Im not saying that his work is completely innovating but it is certainly a break from the norm and refreshing viewing on the eye. For more workings from Michael Vincent Manalo head over to his personal page which is linked at the foot of the post.

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