Departure by Daniel Everett

A real talent, Daniel Everett, his works are interesting, creative and distinctively stylish. He combines all sorts of different medias, exploring the possibilities and limits of personal meaning in public spaces.

Most of his work focuses specifically on aesthetics and implications of the outdated and now-obsolete technology of his youth: videogames, computers, and the early Internet. He uses their functions and design fronts to captivate the viewer, usually involving a light hearted approach.

His photographic works capture commonplace normalities, for example architecture and other everyday objects. Usually these pieces stick out, but in a clean postmodern way. This is what we get to view here today, a series by Mr Everett called Departure, which is all photography taken in and around an airport.

A really interesting set of photo’s, he has plenty more work over at his website, so make sure you check it out.

For 4×5 Daniel uses either a Linhof Master Technika or a Toyo and for 6×7 a Bronica GS-1.