Exploring Tangible Beauty – Weaved Artworks by Artist Mimi Jung

Today, artists are looking outside of the box when it comes to the pieces they create. More than just visual, they are going above and beyond to provide a more immersive, textural experience. Mimi Jung has clearly carved out her niche in this space by creating weaved artwork.

Jung is an American artist who has studied all over the world. She expresses a sense of self-preservation though private and public self-representation exploring how these tenants play out socially and culturally. Although her pieces are not movable, they express a sense of movement that instantly immerses the viewer.

Her weaved artwork is classified in several of her series. Her Ellipse Series explores spherical geometrics. She uses vibrant pastel shadings against neutral bases with colors like cool blues, fiery oranges and sea greens. The end result is a space age effect that is reminiscent of the movements of the solar system.

The Fallen Fence series is also quite notable. Here Jung weaves lovely rectangular fabrics that are predominantly solid in color interspersed with colorful threadings. The scarf-like items are then hung on a wall in a folded pattern seeming to defy the laws of gravity. The colors used range from dark blues to bright yellows to neutral tans.

Jung’s innovative spirit gives her artwork a modern edge, but the warmth of the fabrics makes it suitable for any kind of décor, including rustic, country home and cultural. Her rich use of material produces an aesthetic that is as beautiful as it is tangible.



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