Flow Jugs by Ceramic Artist Kate Schuricht


These ‘Flow Jugs’ by British ceramic artist Kate Schuricht are very special indeed. Visually impressive, the vessels have a striking appearance, combined with a delicacy thanks to the thin walls and wide open lip. Kate chooses to work in a combination of raku and stoneware, the subtle patterning of raku gives her sculptural objects a number of dimensions, most prominently seen in these vessels above and below. Ultimately these jugs are functional, but in my eyes they own something much more than that, a beauty that’s quite hard to express in words alone. I trust that these photos will speak for themselves, and of course plenty more can be seen on Kate’s website.

It’s no surprise that Kate took an international ceramic residency in Japan early on in her career, where she worked alongside established Japanese, Korean and American artists. Her forms have a pared down aesthetic, something you see often in Japan and has become almost a philosophy in itself. I can imagine these pieces being a favourite amongst architects and designers, much like great architecture these have a strong presence but elegantly blend in to their surroundings. These would be brilliant sitting on a shelf with the light bouncing off the patterned body, it would be like viewing a new vessel again and again.

Whether they seem precious due to the fact that Raku ware is a type of pottery that is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony, I can’t quite tell. This contrast with the tea ceremony has often made me ponder. The fact that raku can be complex as a creation process and relies on many variables, and the short firing method can make the pot quite delicate, it seems as though everything in the tea ceremony has two sides. But maybe that’s just a representation of life itself? For now we can admire these wonderful vessels in the pictures below.










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