Porcelain Works by Kazumi Kato at OEN Shop


This week’s going to be a great one in terms of pottery, we’ve just received a set of new products in the shop from Mushimegane Books, including the popular Small Katakuchi and Speckled Bowl. The office has also been taken up by the works of a new potter that, in my eyes, is truly unique. I’m going to try my best to convey them in an aesthetically pleasing way, so keep checking back this week in the shop to see the new items.

To be quite honest, it’s my pleasure to represent and showcase such talented makers, to supply well-made and well thought out goods to all of you (which can be quite rare to see in this day and age). In terms of what I personally look for in a pot, although I do admire minimalistic objects with simplistic tones, there’s also a part of my personality that has a thirst for character and unusual quirky elements. In fact, I’ve often associated ceramics with architecture in the past. Obviously you don’t have to think about the functional side as much, rooms and interior elements, but you can see comparisons on the exterior in regards to form and structure, sometimes even texture.

Japanese potter Kazumi Kato ticked a lot of boxes in my eyes, she has a fantastic eye and a lot of the textural and characterful elements that could be reflected from her past oil painting experience. Although the look is important, she pays particular attention to the size, making sure they’re simple and easy to use on a daily basis. All of Kazumi’s works are constructed out of a high grade porcelain, although this material can sometimes look fragile, Kazumi does a fantastic job at adding warmth to all the finished articles. She uses matte colours, such as white, ivory, and more rustic looking gradients to create both texture and a change in surface. I took some snaps of these pieces and wanted to share them with you all today, I’m really proud to be a stockist in the UK where Japanese makers like this aren’t seen that frequent. So you can find some beautiful wares for your home in the shop now, I hope you enjoy.

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