Spherical & Flowing – Sculptural Vessels by Ceramic Artist Naomi Bikis

Making functional works has its allure. Knowing the pieces that you make are going to be used on a daily basis is definitely a great feeling, but at the same time you have to consider that these objects won’t necessarily be cherished like a sculpture or a piece of art. Depending on the object, functional works tend to blend in to the background and become part of daily life. Not a bad thing but it highlights the subtleties when selecting what type of objects you would like to produce.

Naomi Bikis is a ceramic artist based in East London who looks to blur the line between functional and sculptural. She usually starts by throwing them on the wheel and alters them quite significantly afterward. Often the process requires her to slice the forms and then hand build them back in to the desired shape, this makes for an interesting mix since the forms are flowing and then interrupted by a certain sharpness that wheel-thrown pots often lack.

This is part of her exploration between the pottery wheel and the makers hand and is also the reason why she works in groupings to showcase not only the different angles that protrude and align, but also how the negative space is captured between the forms. I really like these works and hope you will view others like this on the link below.



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