The Impression of Beauty – Sculptural Vessels by British Artist Simon Kidd

The experience of travelling is one that seems extremely valuable to most creatives. Specific locations may have a big impact on us and push us to the point of exploration. For London-based Simon Kidd, Northern Ireland in-particular made such an impression on him that he used his experience as the main source of inspiration for his collection of ceramics.

These sculptural vessels represent his exploration of the natural, rocky spaces found in Northern Ireland, including the Mourne Mountains, Murlough Bay and Dregish. Kidd’s aim with this range is to not only reflect his own experiences but to bring the essence of this area for more to enjoy.

The pieces that form part of the ‘Cut’ series explore the spaces of the Mourne Mountains which has been quarried for granite. Kidd wanted to capture the remnants of what is left, with the rough surface representing the removal of the granite. The ‘Extrusive’ series is a celebration of the secluded Murlough Bay. These pieces have no opening and, therefore, have no real function, much like the bay and its mainly admired for its beauty.

The ‘Dug’ series on the other hand features pieces which celebrate the sleán, a tool historically used in Ireland to cut the Dregish bog for fuel. These pieces symbolise the connection between such places and our existence; They have allowed us to unearth fuel to heat our ancestors’ homes and cook their meals.

Kidd captured the power of these magnificent pieces in this series by creating bold vessels with a large enclosed space, just like the Mournes. It’s incredible what can be achieved with such inspiration and Kidd’s work shows us the result of forcing new experiences on ourselves. With inspiration flowing it edges us forward to the realm of creation. See more from Simon Kidd via his website linked below.