Unpredictable Surfaces – Functional Ceramics by Potter Mayumi Yamashita

Colours and surfaces are always on my mind, I’m reflecting in-particular on the way in which things degrade and change with time. In ceramics the glazes and colours tend to shine as they react with the clay and heat, but I really enjoyed these tones created by Japanese potter Mayumi Yamashita, as well as the techniques she has used to create contrast in the surfaces.

The diamond pattern for examples, which has been carved with a tool, is one way of bringing some presence and intrigue to an otherwise flat colour. At the same time she’s been able to make glazes that feature spotting and running, but in a controlled manner, this is not easy to do and reminds me of the uncontrollable and textured surfaces found in nature.

This unpredictability is something that can’t be tamed as such, but I think if you can use it similar to the way in which Mayumi Yamashita has here you can create objects that are really special and exude an individuality that makes them shine.



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