Textures of Rocks – Ceramics by Sotis Filippides of Sotis Studio Ceramics

Natural tones and colours are very hard to imitate, especially when it comes to ceramics as so many variables exist. It’s very difficult to predict the colour combinations as a small change in temperature in the kiln can affect the colour tone and the glossiness of the finish. I always think any colour that’s glossy all the way through, although quite shiny and beautiful, doesn’t truly reflect a colour found in nature.

I came across these ceramics by Sotis Filippides, a Greek potter who makes these tall pots that taper in, taking in to consideration texture and colour whilst he constructs them at his studio in London. His use of earthy colour mixed with the texture in the clay might leave you to believe that his works only reference the past, but the angular and flowing shapes that he uses mix together well to create pottery that is sure to stand the test of time.

It’s even more intriguing when you find out that these are uniquely light when held in the hand, as the appearance is insinuating the opposite. This juxtaposition is something that can give design a whole new meaning and dimension, an aspect that a lot of other work is lacking. Here are a few of my favourite works from the Sotis Studio website, more can be found on the link below. Enjoy



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